Великая Герцогиня Анастазия: The Fight

Великая Герцогиня Анастазия: The Fight:



Shawn had gone into town to play some pool and have a few drunks. However he’d offended someone again, it wasn’t that hard, these places were filled with idiots.He’d headed out back to ‘settle this’ and was waiting for them to throw the first punch.

Anya had gone…

Shawn danced around the first punch, and hit the other man in the face, he didn’t expect this to last long, but he also didn’t think the other buy would call two of his friends. Shawn knocked one of them out, but the oher two wouldn’t go down, There was a punch that connected squarely with his jaw and lips, and he tasted blood. He noticed someone by the alley opening.