So i recently watched the movie “Rum Diary” based on a book by Hunter S. Thompson, and i absolutely…

So i recently watched the movie “Rum Diary” based on a book by Hunter S. Thompson, and i absolutely loved it. The people i was with thought it was boring and slow, but i found that if you really paid attention to it, it sent a really interesting message.

The movie was about a journalist who went to the dominican republic to work with a newspaper there. The jounalist was very cinical but only for good reasoning. There is a quote i like by a band called mgmt “If you are concious you must be depressed, or at least cynical.” And he was definately one of the only consious people on the island.

It was alot like the experience i had in Africa, where you see the richest white people blinded by greed, and the poorest locals starving for anything to survive. In the movie Hunter S. Thompson’s main character was among the greedy Americans. He met men who’s main goal was to take over all the land and sell it to build hotels. The character didnt say much but you could just see the discusted look on his face as he was immursed into this twisted land and forsed to see and meet the most hideous of people.

The journalists main goal however was to spread a message of what was going, to break down the injustices that were going on around him. However this didnt work. As a jornalist for a magazine thats only purpose was to lie to and paint a pretty picture for tourists he had no freedom to write anything real. This sent him into a deep depression where he binged on rum with his fellow co-workers.

Anyway there were some points the movie made that i thought were really interesting about the development of land, the “American Dream” (which Hunter S. Thomspson speaks about alot) and the greed of Americans. “Human beings are the only creatures that claim a God and the only living thing that behaves like it hasn’t got one… it was at that moment that i saw the connection between children scavenging for food and the shiny brass plates on the front of banks.” I think that is an amazing way to describe the world we live in, and human beings and there actions. It showed throughout the movie how discustingly greedy people can be, How controlled others can be, And how sad it is for the people who have to suffer from this. It was discusting to see how the American’s treated the locals on the land that they were claiming for themselves, it was almost like a genocide of the peoples lives and cultures, just for them to gain a little bit more money. The greedy American in the movie, treated the land as nothing but a means to make money, and the people of the land as nothing but that which was standing in the way.

But yeah its not very often that i really enjoy movies but watching this made me want to read the book and gave me a greater understanding of Hunter S. Thompson.