Artist – Rolling StonesAlbum – Beggars BanquetSong – Sympathy…

Artist – Rolling Stones
Album – Beggars Banquet
Song – Sympathy for the Devil

I had wanted, more than anything, for this song to appear in the Fear and Loathing movie. This was basically the only thing I listened to while writing Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I remember locking myself in my hotel room for days at a time, sitting alone at my desk drinking obscene amounts of wild turkey, listening to this song, and only this song, as I wrote the majority of the book. We had planned to use it in the film, except the fuckers were charging $300,000 for the rights! That was half of our damned soundtrack budget! Gilliam said it was “simply unaffordable.” We had to settle for “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” by the Stones. It plays at the end of the movie as I’m is driving out of Vegas, but it nowhere near makes up for “Sympathy for the Devil” being excluded. That song played such a major role in the writing of the book… without it, the novel would have honestly been pretty different.